Tina Park is a Korean-American, who historically, on July of 2009 was sworn-in to the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District, winning the seat against the incumbent Trustee with 54% of the total votes cast.  She became the first Korean-American and youngest woman elected to serve on the Board, which oversees nine-college system within 17 different cities in Los Angeles County, the biggest District in the United States.  She served in this capacity through June of 2013, and she was selected by her colleagues to serve as Vice-President of the Board for two terms.​ ​

Furthermore, Ms. Park's passion for human rights around the world compelled her to become involved in promoting humanitarian causes of Iraq and Syria in 2014.  She has been involved with the Assyrian Aid Society of America, organization that was created to spread the awareness of Assyrians and other minorities and establish a safe haven in the Nineveh plains of Iraq and Syria.  She organized the awareness campaign with the Korean-American Christian Communities nationwide.  Moreover, she has been tapped to serve as Executive Director of the Sunfull movement in Korea, and launch the movement in the United States. Sunfull is an anti-bullying movement to promote peace on the Internet, and counters bullying and the hateful comments that are posted on the Internet. Sunfull USA held its inaugural press conference at Los Angeles City Hall in 2013.

Ms. Park was appointed by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) to serve as an Advisory Commissioner in the Internet Division Department, Sept 2013.​  In addition, she served as an Advisory Member for the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), participated as a panelist/guest speaker on “Government Procurement Seminars” events.  Also, she was appointed by the World Peace Center in South Korea to serve as the Chairman for the U.S. Headquarters, May 2014.  

While working in New York City from 2001 to 2004, Ms. Park collaborated in a $1.4 billion global settlement and enforcement agreement between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and ten of the largest investment firms in the U.S. to address conflicts of interest within their businesses.  Not to mention, she was a survivor of the tragic September 11 World Trade Center attack.  Later she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked in the private sector for major Los Angeles Corporations as a Controller and Financial/Operations Auditor. 

Most recently, Ms. Park published a book called “It’s now, Just live!” in South Korea, a motivational biography based on her life experiences.  The book has sold out.  In addition, she worked as a CEO of an art museum “VERSI”, introducing past and current “Art Brut” art pieces for the first time in Asia.  Also, she helped to create programs for mentally disabled patients using the creative art-making process as therapy and introduced “Art Brut” as means of equal opportunity to minorities such as the disabled.   Currently, she works as a Founder for the North America territory for NOITAVONNI (INNOVATION) aka NOITA a functional shoe brand with the future technology application for diet and balanced shoes and lifestyle. ​


  tina park