tina park

Historically, in July of 2009 Ms. Park was sworn-in to the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District, winning the seat against the incumbent Trustee with 168,367 (54%) of the total votes cast.  

​She became the first Korean-American and youngest woman elected to serve on the Board, which oversees nine-college system in Los Angeles County.  She served in this capacity through June of 2013.  While on the Board, she was selected by her colleagues to serve as Vice-President of the Board for two terms.

The Los Angeles Community College District is the largest community college district in the United States and is one of the largest in the world. LACCD consists of nine colleges throughout Los Angeles County.

With more than $6 billion to modernize the nine colleges, LACCD's Sustainable Building Program is one of the nation's largest green construction efforts.